What We Do

Our business is two-fold. On one hand we serve a listener and reader base throughout the Brazos Valley and even nationally and worldwide through our streaming audio and web properties. We provide entertainment through music and locally produced talk and content as well as important information through news and sports reporting on-air and online on our sites. For our clients we provide a variety of services custom crafted to enhance their brands in their circles of influence.

Over the Air Advertising: Radio reaches almost 95% of Americans every week and is easily gives you the most exposure for the dollar when it comes to getting your message out into the marketplace. But what is YOUR marketplace? What listeners do YOU need to hear your message? These are the questions that our Account Executives can answer for you. With more than 100 combined years of service in company they are here for your disposal to improve your bottom line.

Print Advertising: Through our highly read publications like Best of the Brazos, Brazos Valley Bride, and more we can partner your business with publications that the Brazos Valley actively read and trust each and every day.

Online Marketing: All websites are not created equal. Our sites serve as ways that our listeners and readers can find out more about content and news that they are intently invested in. By placing your business in partnership with our sites we can provide you with mountains of unique visitors who will get access to your message in a place they know, trust, and visit each and every day. We have a team of staff devoted to both creative content, design, and graphics that work to make sure you get the most out of your online advertising dollars.

Social Media Consulting: Bryan Broadcasting has spent years being part of the Brazos Valley’s conversation on-air for a long time. We’ve taken our knowledge of the art of audience acquisition and retention through traditional media and married it into the next way we are all coming together. Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are things we all use, but few know how to leverage to bring their business into the conversation. Bryan Broadcasting’s portfolio of profiles on these sites stand alone in local media. The Candy 95 Facebook page is the most subscribed to social site in local radio, print, or television. That page alone has more subscribers than all other radio sites in the area combined. We have a dedicated team to study, learn, and apply the latest social media strategies as they apply to business and marry your brands to ours.